Association for the advancement of IRRT

IRRT Förderverein · Goetheallee 25 · 22765 Hamburg
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The „IRRT Förderverein e.V.” („Association for the Advance- ment of IRRT“) is a registered, non-profit organization whose mission is to advance the theory and practice of Imagery Rescripting & Reprocessing Therapy (IRRT) through the training of mental health professionals and the promotion of scientific research. Its office is located in Hamburg, Germany.


Dear Donor,

The Association for the Advancement of IRRT was founded in 2014 in response to the increased demand among therapists for specialized training in Imagery Rescripting & Reprocessing Therapy (IRRT). The treatment, originally developed by Prof. Dr. Mervyn Schmucker, and most recently expanded in collaboration with Dr. med. Rolf Köster, offers therapists new and effective tools for positively transforming the lives of individuals suffering from the psychological aftereffects of trauma (such as posttraumatic stress) and other emotionally upsetting / stressful life events, including individuals struggling with complicated grief.

In the current phase of further developing and expanding the IRRT treatment the following cost-intensive challenges and tasks that need to be met include:

  • Establishing IRRT Training Institutes with high quality standards and certification procedures,
  • Supporting new and ongoing scientific research that examines the efficacy and applicability of IRRT as well as the specific mechanisms of change involved in the IRRT healing process,
  • Developing a reservoir of training resources to be made available to IRRT therapists and IRRT therapists-in-training,
  • Building an organizational structure to plan, promote and conduct professional IRRT conferences and congresses for the purpose of advancing scientific research and exchange.

    We ask that you consider making a tax-deductible contribution to support our efforts in launching the educational and scientific advancement of IRRT to the next level. As a donor, your gift will contribute to the further advancement of this cutting edge treatment at a crucial moment in its development.

    A donation can be sent via a bank transfer to:

    IRRT Förderverein e.V
    Bank: Hamburger Volksbank
    IBAN: DE 3720 1900 0300 6125 2409

    Or by mail to:

    IRRT Foerderverein, Goetheallee 25, 22765 Hamburg, Germany

    Please accept our sincerest gratitude for your support.

    Sincerely yours,

    Prof. Dr. M. Schmucker, President
    Dr. med. Rolf Köster, Vice-President
    Monika von Ancken, Treasurer
    Petra Hartman, Secretary
    Dr. med. Rolf Senst
    Dr. med. Philipp Herzog
    Dr. phil. Thomas Kühler
    Dr. med Andreas Leiteritz
    Dr. med. Clemems Baumeister